- The Computer Age -
In 2005, production of The Radio Reader was transformed once again.  
Gone are the bulky analog tape recorders and finicky digital tapes and
discs.  The program is now recorded and stored on a laptop computer.  
This change was necessary to comply with the new program distribution
system implemented in late 2006.

This new system is called ContentDepot
®, developed by the Public Radio
Satellite System
®.  Programs are still transmitted to stations via satellite,
however, they are now compressed data files sent first over the Internet by
the programs' producers to the ContentDepot storage server in
Washington, D.C.  ContentDepot, in turn, delivers those data files to
stations via satellite, where they are stored on a local hard drive. The
station then retrieves the data file (program) from the local hard drive and it
is "played-out" on the air.

Another benefit ContentDepot is delivery speed.  Programs used to be
distributed to stations in real-time i.e., a half-hour program like
The Radio
required a half-hour to be sent to stations.  With ContentDepot,
that same half-hour program, now a compressed data file, requires only a
couple of minutes to be delivered.
Dick Estell
The Radio Reader
Public Radio's Reading Program
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