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Lawyers of Distinction & Its Association with Social Media Networks

The objective of Lawyers of Distinction is to support its members to distinguish themselves in a highly competitive legal landscape. The important component of this landscape in modern times is found in highly competitive social media networks. Most professionals these days use social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. to promote their practice. Compared to many other social media platforms, LinkedIn is more professional but every social media platform offers a step to climb a ladder of success. They interact with people and their clients on these platforms. They also post their views and receive comments on these views. The membership announcements on media pages are of great help to the professionals.

Lawyers of Distinction

Lawyers of Distinction in relation to popular social media networks

The membership of Lawyers of Distinction has helped a lot to the eminent US lawyers to grow their practice and the most credit of this success goes to social media platforms. The posts and announcements on these platforms are shared with a larger population that uses and follows on social media networks. This gives a great advantage to those who share their views on these platforms. The social media pages of Lawyers of Distinction contain an array of useful links in addition to making the Membership Welcome Announcements. The links contain posts pertaining to the legal community. Being on social media assures more followers over a period of time and more likes from these followers. This enhances members’ visibility online and more chances to grow the practice.

Private Members-Only Facebook Group

The “Private Members Only Facebook Group” recently launched by Lawyers of Distinction has offered a great advantage to the members. The joining of this Facebook group offers the members networking facility, co-counsel, seek referrals, and share ideas and stratagems. This group has offered a great experience to the members and has been quite useful to the members in procuring new case leads.

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