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Gabriel V18 Amplifier

I have now had the Gabriel V18 Amplifier for 2 months now and I can’t really say enough good things about it.  The Gabriel Amplifier website is great at showing you how many sounds you can get out of this AMP…Gabriel V18 Amplifier and Read More

No internet mp3 can really show you the almost three dimensional harmonics that make the chime and clean on this amp to another level. The build quality and attention to detail is brilliant (and what you would expect for a rare boutique amp like this) and I have to say the design is just beautiful. Gabi was/is a graphic designer and the combination of Amp Builder and Artisit is one that really, really works!

Of course one of the key reasons to go the v18 is great crunch at levels that would not cause the neighbours/wife/kids to go crazy. The v18 has really got you covered there.That does not mean that this AMP can not handle the small medium sized gig!! It’s very loud when you need it to be and of course all that air moving makes for a wonderful guitar playing experience (if you need stadium/large venue – then step-up to the V33.It is hard to get hold of one of these AMPs. Gabriel hand builds them and there is a wait.But when you get one – you will not regret it!!

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