Customized Promos/ Fundraising Announcements
For information about broadcasting The Radio Reader,
contact Gary Reid at WKAR Radio
: reidg@msu.edu
with the feed for the week of December 2, 2013.
Episodes on The Radio Reader ftp site will be removed a week after
the scheduled broadcast date.

The Radio Reader is available only for broadcast and simultaneous
Internet streaming.  Public distribution and/or dissemination of The
Radio Reader by on-demand archiving, digital storage, or any means
other than broadcast and simultaneous Internet streaming by
authorized stations, is prohibited.
Customized promotional and fundraising announcements are available for
your station.  E-mail your copy to
Dick Estell: dick@radioreader.net.
format.   Please limit the length of each announcement to no more than 60
seconds and, if possible, allow two weeks lead time.
Dick Estell
The Radio Reader
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