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Checkout What’s There for You in the Decentralized Esports

Read the Firstblood Blogs on the Future of This Platform

The sports and gaming industry has a vast scenario. There is a large number of gaming companies that have made their existence in this extensive scenario and published many popular games in various categories. Firstblood takes the lead in the online game developing. The platform was founded by developers Marco Cuesta, Zack Coburn, Anik Dang, and Joe Zhou.

Why centralized esports are disliked

The team has a strong background in the gaming community, and the people in this team have a different view on the traditional online gaming that is centralized. So, they thought of decentralized gaming. The centralized esports are subject to regulatory norms on wagering. The users want to compete online without a trusted operator. They need an environment to compete without problems that are not possible in centralized gaming networks. Organized esports tournaments make multimillion dollars industry.

The new concept of decentralized online esports

The idea of the Firstblood game developers was to develop the games that players can play for real rewards. FirstBlood is an eSports project that allows users to compete in online games, such as League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counter­Strike: Global Offensive. Players earn rewards by testing their skills in the games. The induction of blockchain-powered decentralized technology is an innovative concept introduced by the Firstblood team for future gaming and esports.

Checkout the Firstblood’s game list

Today, Firstblood games are the preference of the gaming community and the esports community has much expectation of their novel experience from the Firstblood’s technology. Checkout Firstblood Games, play them and find the difference. You can play Dota2 and PUBG for real rewards. You can sign up for PUBG Dollar Royale, one of the most loved games by the gaming fans. There are many more games developed by the Firstblood that are interesting, exciting and never-ending. You can try them and stay for the updates in the playlist. You will always feel a difference when you sign up for these games.

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