"One of the Best Voices..."
Dick Estell, host and narrator of The Radio Reader program heard daily on
more than 100 public radio stations across the country, has been named one
of the best voices in the last quarter of this century.

Estell joins 49 other voices in
AudioFile® magazine's tribute to "the gold mine
of talented narrators who have defined the craft of audio book narration in the
last 25 years of the century."

The bimonthly publication, which reviews audio books, original audio
programs, and commentary and dramatizations in the spoken word format,
announced its "Best Voices" list in its December 1999 - January 2000 issue.

Estell has narrated his nationally syndicated book reading program from
WKAR Radio at Michigan State University since 1965. The five-day-a-week,
half-hour broadcast brings about a dozen newly published books in their
entirety each year to public radio listeners throughout the country.

AudioFile® noted that Estell has "introduced many audiophiles to the
pleasures of listening to books. His directness and clarity capture nonfiction
with ease."

During the past 40 years, Estell brings the number of books he has read over
the airways to nearly 500.
Dick Estell
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