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September 10 - October 6, 2014
From the time he was 12 years old and helped deliver a litter of
piglets on his family's dairy farm to the incredible moments
captured on his TV show, Dr. Pol has amassed a wealth of
amusing and often poignant stories of what it's like getting up
close and personal with this odd assortment of creatures.  He
shares his own story of growing up surrounded by animals,
training to be a vet in his home country, moving to Michigan to
open his first practice in a double-wide clinic, and establishing
his reputation as an empathetic yet no nonsense vet who isn't
afraid to make the hard decisions in order to do what's best for
his patients.

Blending these fascinating stories with the characteristic wit and
charisma that have made Dr. Pol America's most beloved vet, this
charming, funny, and engaging memoir will delight animal lovers
Never Turn Your Back on an Angus Bow
by Dr. Jan Pol
Gotham Book, NY 2014
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