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Applications of CNC Machining China You Need to Know About

Application of computer-aided CNC machinesforthree-dimensional machining was first implemented in 1976. Since then the CNC has gone from being an industry standard to a useful tool in many road-side workshops and repair centres. Small and big industries, all have adopted CNC machining China for manufacturing purposes.

Due to their versatility, CNC machines have much application across many industries, especially in the manufacturing sector.

Common applications of CNC machines

  1. Reductive manufacturing

Although additive manufacturing methods such as 3D printing are the more advanced forms, its application limits to small scale production and rapid prototyping. Most industries rely on metal removal to manufacture individual components and assemblies.

Some applications of reductive manufacturing –

  • Automobile, aerospace, machine components manufacturing, heavy electrical are just some of the industries where metal removal is needed.
  • Components like gears and shafts that are ubiquitous in all machineryare manufactured from raw metal blocks. A tool head gradually shaves off metal from metal blocks to create these components. 
  • Rounded and threaded objects can be machined by CNC. Additionally,  by CNC machining in China, it’s possible to manufacture square, rectangular and objects with complex cross-sections.
  • Firearms –
  • Gun components like barrels, ammunition clips, pins, triggers rely on CNC machining for manufacturing.
  • Heavy arms like cannons are also machined from metals.
  • Industries that use metal fabrication 

Several industries require thin metal sheets to fabricate end products. Cutting these metal plates involves the use of CNC machines. With these machines, its easy to conduct various machining operations such as plasma cutting, laser cutting, and shearing.

For instance, to shape metals, CNC machining Chinacan be used,and CNC turret presses are utilized for punching holes. Additionally, with CNC press brakes its easy to carry out operations such as bending plates with very high precision.

  • Making Prototypes

Creating multiple copies of one prototype is vital in the product development and engineering sector. Although 3D printing is gaining popularity for prototyping purpose, even models like SLA and 3D printing require machining for final finishing.

CNCis also the best way to generate multiple identical copies of the same prototype. It’s because the same process can run without any manual intervention hundreds of times, as CNC machines use a logical program to decide on the subsequent machining operations. CNC can also play different roles at the same time like drilling, milling, turning and grinding. So, the result is a model with a perfect finish.

Numerous businesses and manufacturers are opting for CNC machining China to take their production to the next level, and so should you!  

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