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Buying a Pair of Stretch Jeans? Here Are The Details To Check!

When they say – ‘fashion comes at a cost’, it clearly implies that to look dapper, you need to choose the correct set of clothes! It could be argued that even a couple of years back, men’s fashion was not a topic of concern. Though stretch jeans have been polarised from the beginning, yet in recent times, it has become a benchmark for teenage subculture.

Reputed brands like Pierre Cardin Dijon marked its presence in the industry with their amazing products. However, let’s check out the details first–

How much stretch does it need?

The amount of stretch one enjoys in jeans is a personal choice. Since it consists of spandex, a maximum stretch of 4% is acceptable. If one is looking forward towards a premium quality, here are the available options –

  1. Stretch of 1%:

This is known to provide ‘just-enough’ space and provides flexibility without being too body-hugging.

Pierre Cardin Dijon

  1. Stretch of 2%:

Whether you stand or sit, this is a pair to give ideal contour to smoothening those hips. Hips don’t lie with this when brought from reputed domains such as Pierre Cardin Dijon.

  1. Stretch of 3%-4%:

Provides perfect body contouring; this is a soft piece that one cannot miss out wearing!

Make sure that you launder stretch jeans with utmost care to maintain its durability.

What’s the difference between the usual types and the stretch ones?

  • Stretch jeans consist of elastane which makes them stretchy. But do not get confused with jeggings! It’s not the same.
  • Jeggings and stretch jeans differ in terms of pockets, prints and stitches, especially those along the seams.

Now that you know these specifics, it is crucial that you choose your ideal stretch jeans from brands like Pierre Cardin Dijon. Do not forget to check the credentials of the online retailer before you go in for the buy!

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