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How to Pass a Pre-Employment Drug Test Using Synthetic Urine?

Can you get in trouble at the workplacefor using drugs?

From students to working adults, everyone runs the risk of getting in trouble if they are regular users of drugs or cannabis. It is rather irrational that even when 29 states in the USA have legalised marijuana, others still consider it an offence to use the same. What’s worse is authorities take these issues seriously, subject students/ employees to regular drug tests, and take necessary steps.

A student trying for an Ivy League college is supposed to pass the drug test; students who are actively into sports need to pass it more than anyone else. Employees are made to go through screening procedures during the appointment, and they are subjected to a drug test where they must come out clear. Promotions to have often been deterred because the candidate failed the test.

While most people use marijuana once in a while, it has quite a ridiculous power to get them into trouble. But of course, to every problem there are solutions. One can easily pass a drug test even with the help of detox pills or synthetic urine. To know more about them you can visit


Detox Pills

When smokers are trying to pass a drug test, what they usually do is try to detox them.  Whether one takes drugs or smokes cannabis, the traces of either are likely to last for a few days to a few weeks. It is hard to know whether their blood is clean. Detox pills work, but at times the toxins remain in the body, so does the metabolites. This means if one takes a drug test within a few weeks of using the drug/ marijuana, chances are they might test positive.

Synthetic urine: a foolproof solution

Under such circumstances, the best option is to go for synthetic urine. Technology has made some great strides in the field, and a huge number of people trying out for employment depend on synthetic urine.One would be surprised to know that there are multiple brands selling synthetic urine. One can simply purchase a fake pee sample and submit it in place of their real one.

The whole process can get a little complicated if one isn’t too confident about pulling it off. But there are certain strategies which can get you through supervised as well as unsupervised tests.

To learn how to use a fake sample without getting caught, or to know how you can buy a sample for yourself, visit

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