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The Global Warming Rage and How can People Control It!

On tabloids, newspapers, news programs, etc. people keep on hearing about global warming. An individual knows that global warming is dangerous for the planet. However, without proper knowledge, it is not possible to minimise this. Here, in this article, the discussion will be about global warming and how people can control it by doing their parts.

Let’s start!

What is global warming?

It refers to the recent increase of earth’s surface temperature and atmosphere. According to various data, the average temperature of 0.75 degree Celsius has gone up in the last century. Previously due to multiple natural causes temperature increased on earth. However, in modern times it is caused due to greenhouse gasses’ (carbon dioxide, methane, hydrofluorocarbons, nitrous oxide, etc.) accumulation in the atmosphere which occurs because of specific human activities.

Effects from greenhouse gases produced naturally keep this planet’s temperature at a level where it is possible for humankind and other living things to survive and exist. But, Industrial Revolution gave rise to several human activities which increased the production of greenhouse gases. This, in turn, has made the average temperature of the earth to rise. All this leads to global warming which we face today.

How to control global warming?

There are simple steps one can follow when it comes to controlling this phenomenon. Some are below:

  1. Using solar energy for heating systems is a great way to control it. This is an excellent way to save environment, electricity and money from this condition.
  2. Change incandescent lights at home or office with fluorescent bulbs. This is quite effective as fluorescent lighting consumes 25% less energy at least when compared with incandescent bulbs.

  • Rather than having a monitor, get LCD as it takes 56% less energy than monitors. Moreover, keep the computer screen off when it is idle.
  1. Instead of having a gasoline car, go for an electric or a hybrid vehicle. Most gasoline vehicles offer 25 to 35 miles per gallon, but electric or hybrid vehicles give the owners 120 to 150 mg.
  2. When an individual is not using any electronic device, it is always a good idea to switch them off as well as unplug. This is helpful as even when switched off it uses some energy.
  3. Every person should quickly put or take out things from the refrigerator. It is because keeping the fridge door open for more than one minute make its motor in operation for over half an hour.

  • An individual should save clean water instead of wasting it. Experts revealed that there might be a water crisis in future and clean water procedure requires a lot of energy usage.
  • Planting trees in at homes or commercial space is a remarkable idea as trees give shade during summer and assists in making a building cooler. Moreover, trees can reduce carbon dioxide by absorbing it from the earth’s atmosphere.

Apart from these, people can also opt for avoiding the usage of light during daytime, getting house insulated, etc. However, one must follow the steps which are mentioned above for controlling the global warming.

There is only one earth; hence, everyone should try to protect it!


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